WE’RE NOW ON ITUNES. Telefunken Radio (TFR) is a big collective of musicians, off-shoots, producers, presenters and recording artists that share, remix, re-record, bend twist and do all kinds of stuff with audio. TFR was set up by the “band” Telefunken Digitale 101  who mainly play irreverent car-boot electronica on 1980s keyboards and toys. We love sharing new acts or unsigned bands with our listeners, and we’re really into forging creative collaborations, so drop us something.

Logic on iTunes
A man with a dining table covered in 80s keyboards, synths, drum machines and plasticky kids toys that make noise. Sometimes with a friend. The Logic Sessions will school you.
Wombmen on iTunes
Wombman's Hour is parenting advice, porn readings and cultural critique. Put that in your iPod
Homegrown on iTunes
You call the tune on Flatbush Homegrown
The show that plays homemade tunes, unsigned and emerging recording talent sent in by listeners and fans.
And there's more

And there's more

We'll be adding more shows to the iTunes store soon. Visit our Facebook page for more updates.